Ohana Protect App.

You and your loved ones SAFE without losing Privacy.

What is it?

Great Emergency Tool
You add a persons details to be your Emergency contact, then you can update the app one or more options of your whereabouts that day. If you are safe great! No one needs to know of your day, but if something bad happens, the App will make sure your Emergency Contacts knows exactly what you were doing, where, with who, ,how you reached there and your Live Location. This way they have all the tools to help you. ​
Crime Prevention
The App is also a great way to STOP someone from doing anything against you in the first place. The main reason people commit crimes is that they believe they will not get caught. People never tell family and friends what they are doing and with whom. So that way people with bad intentions feel confident to do something to a victim. They assumed NO ONE knows I am with this person, who is gonna guess its me who did it?! OHANA Knows and you can use that to stop them!

How does it work?

How does a user tells the app they are in danger?
You have 3 different Options: ​ -Option 1: The App will check on you from time to time so If you miss to answer 3 consecutive checks, the app it will understand you are in danger. -Options 2: If you reply with the wrong password on the App check on you, it will understand you are in danger. -Option 3: You can press the Emergency Button on Top Corner left of the screen. ​ - Doing any of this 3 above we will send all necessary to your Emergency Contact to help you.
How does the App check on users safety?
It comes in the form of 12 passwords to choose from. Only 1 of the 12 means you are safe, all remaining if you select you are telling the app you are in Danger. You know which one is the safe password because you choose when you register at the app.
In what intervals do you check on users?
You are the one who selects how long we should check on you at each post or to follow the default one. If you are going to do something quick you might select 1 hour checks, but if you are going to cinema, you might choose every 3 hours check, etc Its tailored to your needs.
Can someone force me to change or delete a Post so it seems i am safe or no longer am with that person?
You cannot edit a post and No one can force you to delete it or make you lie that you are safe when you are not, as you are the only one who knows the safety password.
What happens if someone forces me to delete the App?
The last post will be automatically sent to your emergency contacts, like an Emergency.
Who can see my whereabouts?
If nothing bad happens, you can use the app for 100 years and no one will know what you posted.

Any Questions or tips to Improve the App are welcome.